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How Iran Is Involved in the Syrian Civil War?

Apart from being close strategic allies with the Syrian Arab Republic, Iran has not only provided logistic and technical support to the Syrian Government in the Syrian Civil War, but it has also provided financial support as well as training its combat troops. This is because Iran sees the existence of Syria being important to its regional interests. In fact, it was reported in September 2011 that an Iranian supreme leader was actively supporting the Syrian government. When the revolt started in the Syrian civil war, it was also reported that the Iranian military and the Iranian training of the National Defence Forces offered their support. Be excited to our most important info about Iran is Syria click here.


But the Iranian security and intelligence services took the first steps to advise and assist Syrian Military to reserve the Supremes' leader position for Bashar al-Assad. Not only have they provided technical support and combat troop to Syria, but they have also offered training to its military. Around 2013, Syria had approximately 1000 operatives. But according to a research conducted in the same year, it was reported that Iran assisted the Assad government with a few deployed units and recruits.

The Iranian government increased its support for the Syrian president after the Geneva II peace talks. The financial support made by Iran to Syria according to the Syrian Opposition Minister of Finance and Economy stands at fifteen billion dollars. Estimates from the United Nations envoy to Syria claim that the Iran governments spend close to six billion dollars annually just to maintain Assad's regime while the estimates from the director of Fares Center for Eastern Mediterranean studies put the amount of money spent to maintain the Assad's regime at fifteen billion dollars annually. Learn the most important lesson about Iran is Syria click more info.


Since January of 2013, the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps has lost slightly over four thousand soldiers in Syria. Most of the people who have died are high ranking military officers in the Iranian military while a few of them are auxiliaries soldiers who were recruited from the Pakistan and Afghan immigrants who reside in Iran. These immigrants joined the Iranian Revolutionary Guard in exchange for citizenship and salaries. According to the Gatestone Institute, in 2016 the Iranian government-controlled over 70,000 troops that were deployed in Syria.


Iran often sees the continued existence of the Syrian government as being critical to its interest. In fact, its top leadership considers Syria being the 35th province of Iran and will, therefore, protect it with all its might from both foreign invasions and insurgencies. Seek more info about Iran is Syria at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iranian_involvement_in_the_Syrian_Civil_War.